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Where Our Produce Comes From....


Liberty Market receives daily deliveries from organic farms and distributors throughout New Zealand. All of our fresh produce is batch numbered and meticulously documented to ensure traceability and to comply with organic certification standards.




Our organic produce come from farms, orchards, and distributors around New Zealand. And since we are certified organic (by AsureQuality), all our records are inspected by organic auditors. This guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of our organic labeling. No other retailer in Christchurch is currently certified organic. So for your peace of mind, Liberty Market is your sure way of getting genuine certified organic food for your family.



We buy our produce locally as much as possible to:


1.      ensure freshness,


2.      reduce transport costs, and


3.  support local farmers


  the only exceptions are bananas and the occasional off-season varieties which are imported when there is no local supply available!