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FAQs About Face Masks (and some not so FAQs)


Q: Is wearing a face mask harmful or risky?

A: No. Millions of people who work as dentists, surgeons, painters, cleaners, asbestos removers, factory workers wear a variety of face masks all day everyday with no ill effects.


Q: Why do you sometimes require a mask in-store when government hasn't mandated it?

A: The health and wellbeing of our people are the top priority, and taking that extra precaution is just common sense. We all eat our vegetables without any mandate from goverment, right? When there is a higher risk of community transmission of the novel coronavirus, we will always take the cautious approach.


Q: Will an improvised face covering be acceptable for entry into Liberty Market when you require a face covering?

A: If it's hands-free, and is of a reasonably thick material, then yes, for now. We recommend customers get their own face masks. Why wouldn't you in the middle of a respiratory pandemic?


Q: Do you sell face masks?

A: No. Masks are usually sold at pharmacies, hardware stores, and now some large supermarkets. Cloth face masks are also sold at various clothing shops.


Q: Is it legal for a business to require customer to wear a face mask?

A: Yes. Private businesses are, private. Businesses have the right to require anyone entering their premises to observe health and safety protocols such as putting on a face mask. Some businesses impose strict dress codes. There are no legal issues.


Q: Does a mask requirement violate my rights?

A: No. Customers have a choice to shop or not to shop. Putting on a mask in the midst of a respiratory pandemic has nothing to do with rights issues. The vast majority of customers voluntarily wear a face mask because it is the prudent thing to do during the pandemic. It's like putting on a seatbelt while in a car. Although it's legally required to wear a seatbelt, most of us would still do it voluntarily because it's the smart thing to do.


Q: Does a mask work against the novel coronavirus?

A: Yes. It has been scientifically proven that even a home-made cloth mask blocks some virus both ways (inhale and exhale). See this original research from 2008.


Q: Do people wear masks properly?

A: Sure. It's not rocket science. Just like washing hands, some people do a more thorough job than others. Whether people can wear masks 'properly' is not a good reason to give it up.


Q: Is the whole coronavirus thing a hoax or fake?

A: Certainly not. For millions of people across the globe to pretend to be sick or dying in a concerted effort for some unknown purpose, is really really really improbable. Seriously, what have y'all been smoking?


Q: Aren't you worried that by requiring masks business might drop?

A: Of course, but not everything in life is about profits. The vast majority of our customers are smart and support our cautious approach. If we didn’t do what we can to help stop the spread of the virus, then that would go against our belief that what we do is not merely operating a business, but also for the improvement of the health of our community.