How We Are Responding to the Health Threat Presented by the Pandemic

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How We Are Responding to the Health Threat Presented by the Pandemic


The health and wellbeing of our people, including customers, are our top priority. We have, and will continue to take necessary steps to ensure Liberty Market remains a safe shopping environment for everyone. 


Alert Levels and Government Mandates  

We will follow all government mandates, and if we deem necessary, take more stringent steps to ensure our shopping environment is among the safest. This is because as a business we can take faster actions and are unhindered by politics. Customers can rest assured that the steps we take will always be at least as robust as government mandates.


Social Distancing & Role of Masks

Both are important tools. But it isn’t always possible or even practical to keep a distance from other people outside of our own bubbles. Sharing the same air especially indoors can be hazardous. So that’s why we should all wear a mask when around others.  


Controlled Entry & Timing

When there is heightened risk of outbreak in our community we will adopt a more cautious approach and introduce controlled entry with a mask requirement. This may come suddenly such as the 12/Aug Emergency Alert notifying all kiwis that an outbreak had been detected. We will update our website to alert customers that masks are required.


Outbreak & Controlled Entry Duration

The length of time will not necessarily be the same as the alert levels. We will require masks for at least 14 days following news of an outbreak. If there are no detected new cases in our region for 14 days, then we will remove the mask requirement at the end of the 14 days.  For more serious outbreaks such as the first wave during March-May 2020, we may keep the mask requirement for longer.


Air, Cleaning, and Sanitiser

We have increased the fresh air intake by adjusting our ventilation system and also implemented strategically designed cleaning and sanitising routines such as wiping down the EFTPOS PIN pad after every use. During heightened state of risk we also sanitise every shopping trolley before putting them back into circulation. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles are sanitised multiple times a day. Hand sanitisers are also placed at the lobby and checkouts and are available to customers.


A Little Bit of Inconvenience for Peace of Mind

Sure it is sometimes inconvenient to have to do all the hand washing and masking, but it is well worth it. No one can genuinely say for certain they will come out unscathed after an encounter with the virus. Taking simple, extra steps to look after one’s own health is just good common sense. 


Molecular Biologist and a Math Geek

The founders of Liberty Market are science people. One has a Masters degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, and one also had graduate-level Math training. So we kinda know a bit about the risks that’s going on and we make decisions based on science.


A Word About Theories That Dismiss Seriousness of Pandemic and Undermine Public Health Measures Such as Masking

These theories, if widespread, put us all in danger of the coronavirus. Such disinformation was most likely put out by our adversaries that would be more than happy to see western democracies burn in turmoil and boil in death and disease. We should learn from history and not become unwitting pawns.