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Contains a mix of in-season fruits and vegetables. About the right quantity for a family. Our choice of at least 5 vegetable varieties and 6 fruit varieties. Below is a list of what's in an acutal box: Red Desiree Potato NZ Beauty Apple Taylor's Gold Pear Red Beetroot Avocado Green Cabbage Spinach Kumara Carrots Banana Lettuce Green Kiwifruit Lime Mandarin Tomato Silverbeet Gold Kiwifruit Picture on this page is for illustration only. For weekly or fortnightly delivery services: Your first order will be dispatched on the day specified on the Order Fulfillment Timetable. For all future deliveries your order will be delivered on a specific day of week depending on your address. We will let you know when your regular delivery will occur. Please notify us at least 7 days in advance for any changes or cancellations to your weekly or fortnightly order. Thank you!

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