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 Full Time & Part Time Retail Assistant-


Quick Overview:
You will do a variety of things for a typical grocery store and learn lots of things about retail business and natural foods. You will interact with customers and make them leave happy and want to come back. You will be part of a small team that runs a clean and efficient store. We reward high performers with various incentives.

 You Must:
1. Be able to work for a minimum of 30 hours/5 days per week, including at least one weekend day each week.
2. Have a bright, positive, cheerful personality and ability to present genuine smiles.
3. Have impeccable personal hygiene.

You Will Be Doing:
1. Provide excellent customer service
2. Follow procedures as instructed
3. Effectively communicate with team members and team leaders
4. Follow food safety, hygiene and safety protocols
5. Maintain cleanliness of your checkout station
6. Develop good knowledge of products and placement
7. Maintain proper and safe use of all equipment and tools
8. Know and adhere to security procedures
9. Receive and merchandise products
10. Operate POS register and tally customer purchases
11. Collect payment, make change, and handle exchanges
12. Count in/out and organise cash drawer
13. Report to manager any reportable items
14. Assist other departments when required
15. The above are general requirements for this position and should not be treated as an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities. This position will include any and all duties which are related to the above list and are necessary to ensure the functioning of the team.

Skills / Abilities / Knowledge Required:
1. Ability to work well in a team
2. Ability to communicate effectively
3. Have a healthy and positive personal attitude
4. Have some basic understanding of natural foods
5. Able to serve customers with professionalism and enthusiasm
6. Be physically fit and be able to lift a minimum of 15 up to 25kgs unassisted
7. Meet physical requirements: constant standing, constant walking, bending, reaching.
8. Flexible with scheduling according to store needs with minimum of one weekend day of work every week.
9. Regular attendance is essential.
10. Ability to perform basic math calculations.

About Liberty Market
Liberty Market is a specialist organic and natural foods retailer. We provide on-the-job training for all aspects of your position and a safe and pleasant work environment. We encourage our team members to solve problems and make their own decisions. We are a diverse team with people from different cultures and backgrounds working together to achieve the best customer service in our industry.

Other Things You Need to Know:
We perform background checks on all applicants to verify the accuracy of information supplied to us.
Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

How To Apply:
Your application won't be considered if any of these are missing:
(1) Indicate you are applying for position CH06 (full time) or position CH02 (part time).

 *Part Time applicants please select one option from the Available Shift Options below:
Option1: Friday & Saturday (up to 16hrs)
Option2: Sunday & Monday (up to 13hrs)
Option3: Both weekend days and either Friday or Monday (up to 21 hrs)
Option4: Friday to Monday (up to 29hrs)
Option5: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday (up to 21 hrs)

(2) attach a CV / resume,
(3) A statement saying why you want to work for us, and if you are currently working, state why you want to change jobs,
(4) References (Don't say "available on request". Include them with your application.)
(5) Non-native English speakers must supply evidence of English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL results.

Email your application to


Short Discription: 
Current job openings at our Christchurch Central store: (To apply, see job details page.)
Job Type: 
Full Time