Certified Organic Retailer

Why Shop At Liberty Market?

1. You are not cheated: By shopping at Liberty Market (formerly Seven Fields Organic), you have independent assurance what we label "Certified Organic" is truly that, not just empty claims. See our organic certificate here

2. You are supporting honest folks: By shopping at Liberty Market, you are supporting and rewarding many certified organic farmers who have committed time and effort to make sure the produce you buy is genuine organic.

3. You are also helping the organic movement: Many people are turned away by the impression that organics are not trustworthy. By supporting honest certified farms and retailers, you are helping build trust for the organic movement by rewarding honest folks.

Liberty Market- Integrity You Can Trust!

Liberty Market is the first and only AsureQuality CERTIFIED ORGANIC RETAILER in Christchurch. On top of our existing guarantee, the organic certification further protects you, the consumer. AsureQuality, an internationally recognised certification agency, carried out the certification process. Similar to a grower's certification, a retailer's certification guarantees you that what we call "organic" is truly organic. To ensure what you buy is really organic, every step of the way from farm to table is certified. So there is no broken link in the chain of custody.

Certified Farm
Certified Wholesaler
Certified Retailer

If any part of the chain is not certified, the product is not certified organic

FAQs About Organic Certification

Sadly in this day and age you can't! In 2006 the Commerce Commission found 2 butcher shops in Auckland guilty of falsely claiming non-organic meats as certified organic. Imagine the shock and anger when loyal customers of theirs found out they have been cheated.
No. Anyone can obtain a copy of a grower's certificate. It does not necessarily mean the produce on display comes from that particular grower whose name appears on the certificate.
Maybe, maybe not. Currently there are no laws specifically regulating the use of "organic" or "certified organic" in New Zealand. Misleading use of these terms are common. Customers need to look for the actual organic certificate of the retailer to be sure.
A certified organic retailer means that its labels, signs, tags, and any reference to the organic status of products are true. Liberty Market is a certified organic retailer. So when we say "This apple is certified organic", it's not just our words. This statement is fully backed by the certification agency. There are also strict procedures a certified retailer has to follow to ensure the integrity of organic products.
We cannot speak for others, but we understand that customers want to know for sure what they are buying is truly organic and that they are supporting an honest retailer, and that's why Liberty Market chooses to become certified to the robust AsureQuality Organic Standard.
The fact we label some products "uncertified" shows that we are honest! While some vendors may choose to mislead customer by labelling uncertified products as "certified", we at Liberty Market always label products truthfully. You, the customer, will always have the true and correct information from us. Certain organic fruits and vegetables are sometimes in short supply. We try to procure certified produce first. If there is none available, we then procure alternatives from reputable growers that are uncertified as a last resort.You can be sure that Liberty Market labels any uncertified produce honestly and truthfully.
No. The cost of certification is a small but worthwhile part of our normal expenses. Liberty Market maintains our everyday low prices to encourage more people to eat organic food.
AsureQuality New Zealand, a state-owned organisation specialising in food testing and certification. AsureQuality is New Zealand's leading food safety and lab testing agency in both domestic and export food markets.
Liberty Market is concerned about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and their effects on the ecosystem and on the food we eat. We have a non-GMO policy and our certified organic products conform to the AsureQuality Organic Standard which strictly prohibits the use of GMOs. Liberty Market (formerly Seven Fields Organic) has been continuously certified organic since 2005 and we are committed to providing our customers with genuine certified organic produce and grocery products.