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Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Customer Service

We are here to help you eat healthy! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find everything you want from our 8,000+ products. At Liberty Market customers’ freedom of choice is valued. That’s why you won’t find patronising, dumbed-down slogans touting there is no need to read the labels. Only you will find the largest selection of quality organic and natural foods south of the Cook Strait.

We believe that each human being’s ability and freedom to make his or her own food choice should be respected. Surely everyone knows a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is best. Liberty Market is here to help each customer find that unique combination. And, we encourage customers to read the labels, understand them, and make intelligent choices.

Our cashiers might say a few words of encouragement to help you resist that extra chocolate bar you just put in your basket, but you will never be frowned upon for picking up that organic porterhouse steak. Well, maybe just a little from our nice vegetarian customers.

Our Customer Reviews

  • T

    Cheapest organic shop in nz!!! You make organic food more affordable and that's the way to spread the use of it. Thx

    thom MOST
  • A

    Our go to place for ogsnics at a great price. Friendly service. Good produce.

    Alister Anderson
  • A

    Great place to shop in bulk for organic produce ,gluten free ,products you can actually read what the ingredients are ,You name it ,it's there ,bakery as well ....a definet one stop shop ....highly recommended to be apart of your weekly daily shopping .....its got to be good for you .....happy shopping .......

    Angelique Thomas
  • M

    Such a good selection of organics, good vegetables and they have their own small bakery which has a very good choice of gluten free breads and you can buy fresh most days. They're open 7 days a week and the staff are wonderful!

    Michelle Cockburn
  • N

    Really good prices on organic food and fresh produce. My go-to place for organic food and the fresh fruit and veg is quite often cheaper than non-organic at the supermarket.

    Nisha Duncan
  • L

    Oh my goodness. Gf paradise. I was able to make my first doughy sandwich in 2yrs (most gf bread like cardboard and only good toasted) - also try the vanilla bean and honey rice pudding. I have expanded my pantry with more gf options than supermarkets can offer.

    Leeann Mcauley