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What We Believe In

We believe in what we do. That's why we have worked very hard to make shopping for organic food easier.

We want to empower people so that more can enjoy the benefits of organic food. That's why we don't charge an arm and a leg!

We respect our customers' freedom of choice. That's why we encourage people to learn more about the food we eat.

We support all the honest, hard-working people who farm and produce organic products, whether they are small or big, near or far. That's why we carry a large range of products and we Trade Fairly with all suppliers.

We put customers first and respect their right to know. That's why we have been Certified Organic by AsureQuality to ensure what you buy is really organic!

Come In and Say Hi to Lucy & Ernie

Back in 2004 Lucy & Ernie started Seven Fields Organic in a little shop of 80 squre metres in the Christchurch suburb of Beckenham. Our mission was to bring cheap, but good quality organic food to everyone in our neighbourhood. A decade later and a little bigger we are now a one-stop shopping convenience for all your organic food needs. Great variety and small prices are still our policy. We have grown from a small shop to our larger 900-square-metre store today with an on-site organic bakery. We have over 8,000 products from fresh fruit and vegetables, breakfast cereals, rice & beans, meat & eggs, to personal care, baby care, cleaning products, gardening, pet food, and bulk foods, you name it! Chance's that we've got it! Today, we remain 100% kiwi-owned and operated and proud of it. We serve all customers and we are not affliated with any political or religious groups.

Find us

on the corner of Moorhouse & Fitzgerlad Aves, Christchurch. (opposite Red Bus depot, just outside of the CBD)


During the pandemic our hours may change depending on outbreak severity. Current Open hours are:

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm; Sundays : 10am-3pm.

We Are Ceritifed Organic

Yes, we are the first & only AsureQuality certified organic retailer in the South Island! When we were just a small shop (Seven Fields Orgnaic back in the day) we decided to get certified when no-one else bothered. Our customers appreciated the effort we put in to build trust and integrity and they thanked us. While competitors just scoffed at us and some even resorted to spreading false rumors. But we remained committed to being certified to the internationally recognised IFOAM standard. Since 2005 we have been regularly audited by AsureQuality (an independent certification agency) and awarded the Organic Certificate each time. We have been continuously certified since that time. What this means is that you can be sure that our organic products are truly organic!