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Discover over 8,000 organic and natural products in-store. With the largest range in the South Island chances are whatever you are looking for we've got it! Our policy: More Variety, Lower Prices, Better Service.

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Liberty Market specialises in organic foods, natural foods and special dietary foods. We are a family business committed to building integrity & trust in the food we eat since 2004.


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According to the Sleep Research Society, scientific evidence strongly suggests daylight savings cause circadian misalignment and result in dysregulation of melatonin and cortisol. Disruption of these hormones contributes to stress, altered metabolism and inflammation.…

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Update on 11/09/2022-

Having caught Covid doesn't guarantee you're home-free. More people are reporting catching it for a second time or more. And there is increasing evidence each subsequent infection causes more damage to the human body. From WebMD-…

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We all know a healthy and balanced diet is a cornerstone in a robuts, healthy body. Having a strong and healthy body with good immune function can increase your odds against disease. According to Dr James Phillips, assistant professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University, "Even…

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It is true. Organic food is indeed more nutritious than its conventional counterpart, according to a 

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Actions speak louder than words! At Liberty Market we work hard to find alternative packaging materials that are made from plants and 100% renewable.


More of our bakery bread products are now avaiable in the new transparent bag. This bag is the best alternative to plastic…