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Post date: Thursday, 25 February, 2021 - 08:59

Update on 19/02/2021-

Another good reason to don a mask- it may lower severity of disease even if you get infected. A recent research published on the Biophysical Journal concluded that mask-wearing increases the moisture level of the air and thereby hydrating the respiratory tract, and that in turn helps the immune response.


Update on 6/10/2020-

There has been a small number of people who actively spread disinformation to discredit mask-wearing, some even attempted to belittle and embarass our staff for wearing a mask. We will ask them nicely to stop, but only once. After that they will be trespassed. Our policy is to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for our employees and customers. Anti-social behaviours are not tolerated.



Update on 2/09/2020-

The point of wearing a seatbelt is that in case of accident the occupant is protected, similarly, wearing a face mask as a preventive measure should be obvious. We do it before there is widespread community transmission, not wait until after.


Update on 24/08/2020-

The mask requirement will last until Tuesday 25/Aug, which will mark the 2 weeks without covid cases in our region. From Wendesday 26/Aug we will not require customers to wear a face covering. However we recommend customers continue to use their masks in indoor spaces where physical distancing is difficult.


Update on 12/08/2020-

As the coronavirus flares up again in our country we are requiring everyone to wear a face covering while inside the store. If everyone wears a mask when out in public and practice good hand hygiene we can hopefully stop the virus spreading and avoid further lockdowns.   FAQs About Face Masks.


Update on 08/06/2020-

Effective 9/Jun we will no longer require customers to wear a face covering as the country has had no new reported cases for a little over 2 weeks now. The reason we've decided to relax the requirement earlier is because there seems to be a low appetite for extra caution among the public. So to be in line with the government's call for lowering the pandemic alert level down to level one we are making this change. Fingers crossed everyone and let's hope for the best.


Update on 15/05/2020-

Based on best practices of public health policies internationally, our mask requirement will remain in force at least until after 42 consecutive days of zero new cases of coronavirus in the country. Although NZ has a relatively low number of cases, the per-capita number of cases is relatively high. Futher more, the speed it took from the first confirmed case to over 1,000 cases was comparatively fast. Therefore we have decided to protect the health of our staff and customers and would rather err on the side of caution.


Update on 11/05/2020-

Out of abundance of caution, our mask requirement will remain regardless of what Alert Level the government decides to set in the announcement later today. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make necessary changes to how we do things. Factors that we consider are: number of new cases, number of active cases, number of overseas arrivals, number of days since last new case, number of days since every case is resolved, among others.


Update on 23/04/2020-

In a CNN interview, Michael Osterholm, founder of University of Minnesota's Certer for Infectious Disease Researh and Policy, said this when asked about public spaces and mask-wearing:

"We have to acknowledge that we have put far too much emphasis on hand washing and environmental control. I come from a world of infectious diseases where I've spent my whole life preaching the importance of hand washing. It is important. But we have to be intellectually and scientifically honest with the public and admit that, while we shouldn't we stop washing our hands, we also shouldn't assume that decontaminating the environment or washing our hands is going to be enough to prevent us from becoming infected. This virus could be in the air around infected people. It could be the same air we share and breathe...."


So, while this isn't an endorsement for wearing a mask in public spaces, he seems to suggest that policy makers should consider masks as an option for opening up society during the pandemic.

"We can't stop living life. We have to move forward. But we must do so while thinking about how to get people back into society in a way that is thoughtful and takes into account every possible option to make sure people don't get seriously ill and don't subsequently die."


Update on 17/04/20-

As the end of Level4 lockdown approaches the rate of mask-wearing in public remains quite low in NZ. As our policy makers seem to have sidelined this simple yet effective method of "squashing the curve", it is up to individuals in our communities to proactively adopt mask-wearing.

The famous statistician, and author of the book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb tweeted regarding mask-wearing: "This is the strongest statistical association I've seen w/ respect to the virus. Wear a mask, mandate others to wear masks, & remember that @WHO is criminally incompetent. To repeat:@WHO is criminally incompetent.
PS-Don't get into elevators, buses, etc. unless your mask in N95"  and,

One comment about masks and nonlinearities that these imbeciles are not getting.
Reducing exposure to viruses by 30% thanks to an "imperfect" mask does not mean reducing risk of contracting the disease by just 30%. By convexity, it must be more than 30%, can even be 95%."


Update on 07/04/20-

Evidence now suggesting coronavirus is MORE infectious before severe symptoms develop, despite popular belief to the contrary:

Coronavirus May Be Most Infectious When Symptoms Are Mildest

Like the Prime Minster said, everyone should behave as if we are all infected. Everyone should wear a mask not just to protect ourselves, but also those around us.


Update on 06/04/20-

We've seen an increase of people wearing gloves while grocery shopping. It's great, but remember that a dirty glove is still a dirty glove. Don't touch your eyes, nose, mouth or personal items such as cellphone, keys or wallet with a dirty glove.

This article tells us why it's a good idea to flush the toilet with the lid down:

Why you should flush with the lid down: Experts warn of fecal-oral transmission


Update on 02/04/20-

Finally a well-written article on mask-use success from CNN:

Asia May Have been Right About Coronavirus and Face Masks, Now the Rest of the World is Coming Around

Duh! Why does it have to be such a long learning curve for the rest of the world to catch up?


Update on 31/03/20-

Everyone should be wearing a mask! Why? Because:

You Could Be Spreading the Coronavirus without Realising You've Got It (New Scientist, 24 March 2020)

This makes a lot of sense:

President of German Medical Association tells public to wear simple masks

What can we learn from the Czech Republic's success?

Usage of Masks "Flattened" Growth of Coronavirus Cases in Czech Republic (Prague Morning, 29 March 2020)

And, here's a sensible move from another European country to do what's been working in Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan all along:

Austrian Goverment Sets Mandatory Mask Wearing in Supermarkets




Update on 28/03/20-

As our Ministry of Health just published a poster on PPE requirements for essential non-health workers, effectively telling supermarket workers and many others that a face mask is not necessary, we share with you this following article from the New York Times.

Why Telling People They Don't Need Masks Backfired (March 17, 2020)


Update on 27/03/20-

As we enter day two of the national lockdown, supplies from manufacturers appear to flow smoothly. With fewer customers compared to just before the lockdown we are taking this opportunity to restock our shelves. Please be assured that supply of fresh produce, milk, eggs, bread, meat, other chilled and frozen goods and non-perishable foods are plentiful. Our in-store bakery is operating normally as well. Please remember to grab a face mask before you leave the house on a grocery run or we won't let you in.


Update on 18/03/20-

Customers who do not wear a mask or similar to cover their nose and mouth will not be allowed into the store. We realise some folks may object to this for some misguided reason. However this pandemic is not a drill and everyone needs to take it very seriously. People who are not taking the virus seriously put themselves and others at risk.
Customers who to not comply, try to cause a scene, or behave in a way that obstructs, interferes or circumvents this policy will be banned for life.

As a precautionary measure we are requiring all customers entering our store to wear a face mask/ respirator (or scarf or other material if no mask is available) for the protection of our staff members and all customers.


Here's the science supporting this measure:

Professional and Home-Made Face Masks Reduce Exposure to Respiratory Infections among the General Population, Marianne van de Sande et al. 2008

Everyday hundreds of customers come through our doors and interact face-to-face with our staff and other customers. It is only prudent that we try to minimise any chance of infection in our store and our community at large.

Anyone with reasonable intellegence can see for themselves that countries with high percentage of their population wearing masks are faring better. It is not to say wearing a mask is the sole reason behind their success, but it must be a mitigating factor. We don't want to go down the same road as the US and some European countries where the majority of their population aren't wearing masks even as the catastrophe is unfolding around them.

Some detractors may argue that face masks are not effective agains the virus, but that is just silly. Anything is better than nothing. Even wearing a common dust mask can stop your saliva from flying off while talking, and reduce your chances of inadvertantly touching your face, nose and mouth with a dirty hand.

Let's all pull together in the same direction as a community and hopefully we will all sail through this difficult storm with our health and lives intact.

Post date: Wednesday, 11 March, 2020 - 16:40

We all know a healthy and balanced diet is a cornerstone in a robuts, healthy body. Having a strong and healthy body with good immune function can increase your odds against disease. According to Dr James Phillips, assistant professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University, "Even people without diagnosed medical problems should maximize their health. Exercise, weight loss, a healthy diet and good sleep are certainly beneficial to your body." (source: CNN- Improving our own odds agains the corona virus not only benefits ourselves, it also helps reduce the chances that our loved ones catching the illness from us. And don't forget, wash your hands often and don't touch your face!

Post date: Friday, 13 September, 2019 - 17:23

It is true. Organic food is indeed more nutritious than its conventional counterpart, according to a 2016 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. The study is the result of a huge meta-analysis which included data from more than 200 previous studies into the subject. It concluded that organic milk and organic meat contain roughly 50% more omega-3 fatty acids.

A similar study published in 2014 also published in the British Journal of Nutrition concluded that organic fruit and vegetables have substantially higher concentrations and range of antioxidants. This research gathered data from more than 300 prior studies.

So there you have it.

Post date: Wednesday, 3 July, 2019 - 10:53

Actions speak louder than words! At Liberty Market we work hard to find alternative packaging materials that are made from plants and 100% renewable.


More of our bakery bread products are now avaiable in the new transparent bag. This bag is the best alternative to plastic we've found so far. It is food-safe and has reasonable durability. When it goes to the landfill this starch bag gradually disintegrates into basic organic components (the "organic" here means the organic chemistry context, not to be confused with the organic food context.) that are available to microbes to eat and digest.


Choose our starch packaging the next time you're doing your shopping!

Post date: Tuesday, 2 July, 2019 - 09:47

From July 1, 2019 government banned all plastic checkout bags, and weirdly, included starch checkout bags. Starch checkout bags are made from cornstarch or PLA, a 100% renewable material made from plant fibre. Liberty Market was among the early adopters of Starch checkout bags in the early days when almost all checkout bags were plastic.


Customers tell us they love the startch bags because when those bags double as rubbish bin liners, they degrade naturally into the soil at the landfill. Unlike plastic which could remain for thousands of years in the landfill.


(oh, and we know starch bags degrade quickly. Our first batch degraded so fast that they literally became unusable after a few months when they were brand new and stored in boxes!)


Plastic rubbish bin bags are NOT banned, interestingly. And we all know what checkout bags are good for- as rubbish bags!


When people have no checkout bags (either plastic or starch) to use as bin liners, they have to buy bin liners. And how many people will actually shell out big bucks to buy those expensive starch rubbish bin liners?


It seems obvious that the plastic rubbish bin liners will be selling like hot cakes in New Zealand.


So, is banning Starch Checkout Bags really a smart move?