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FAQ's About Seven Fields Organic/ Liberty Market

1. Why the Name Change?

A: We think it was a good opportunity during our move to change our name to something that better reflects our beliefs. The opening of our new store in Christchurch has been such a great success our customers are really excited and thrilled about!

2. Are the people still the same?

A: Yes, we are still run by the same friendly bunch and we remain family owned. No corporate takeover here! We challenge anyone who says the contrary to our faces!

3. Is Liberty Market still certified organic?

A: You can bet on it! We remain genuine certified organic throughout the move and we are adding our cafe, deli, and bakery operations to become fully certified organic.

4. Are prices still low like before?

A: Of course!

5. What are the open hours?

A: Monday-Saturday 9-6; Sundays 10-3.

6. How do I get there?

A: Liberty Market is right on the corner of Moorhouse & Fitzgerald Ave. Our car park entrance is on Fitzgerald Ave just before the traffic lights. There are huge signs on the building so it is very easy to find!

7. Can I still order online?

A: Unfortunately online ordering is currently suspended. Come to our new store and be amazed with the freshness of our produce and the huge range of organic food. We have a lot of fresh food that are best purchased and taken home right away. Come in and see for yourself!