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Consumer Enquiries:

We are OPEN during all Alert Levels. During Alert Level 4 please remember to bring your mask.
 Please check out the FAQ page for some of the often asked questions. Please note not all products are listed on our website and not all products listed on our website are available. Due to the dynamic nature of product availability, we cannot provide such information over the phone or email. Please see in-store for pricing and product availability information.

Your enquiries are important to us. We will endeavour to answer your email within 1 business day.

Supplier Enquiries:

Liberty Market welcomes suppliers of fine organic, natural, and health food growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to contact us. It would be really helpful if you include your business card, product list/catalogue, order form, account application, and any product literature that may help us make an informed decision.

Contact us by using this form if you are a first time supplier or,

by mail: Seven Fields / Liberty Market

           The Buyer

           PO Box 6381

           Christchurch 8442

         New Zealand

 If you are a prospective supplier please do not use automated mass email or send unsolicited emails repeatedly to us. Doing so will result in your address and company name being listed as a mass-mailer and will make it very unlikely for us to consider your product or service..

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING EMAIL: Liberty Market utilises spam filtering measures in our email systems. Occasionally your email message may be deleted by accident. We recommend that you put in a comprehensive subject line and detailed contact information in your email body to avoid having your email filtered out.